Information for the Winter 2022-2023


Here are our some information for the winter 2022-2023 in Hakuba!

■Lift Tickets
We, Hotel Goryukan, will have Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort 1 day pass for only adults at our front desk. *Hotel guest only

Period A) 4,700 yen per ticket
Period B) 5,700 yen per ticket
Period C) 5,200 yen per ticket

A) December 16 to December 23
B) December 24 to March 12
C) March 13 to April 3

If you are looking to go up to several mountains while you stay, please check out: Hakuba Valley Day Pass !!

■Shuttle Bus for Mountains
As a hotel, we do not run a shuttle service to go to mountains. Please use public shuttle buses (Approximately 5 min walk to Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort/ Nakiyama slope from us!)

Hakuba Valley (Route & Timetable is available here)
The closest bus stop from Hotel Goryukan:
A) Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort (Nakiyama Slope) - approximately. 5 min walk from us!
B) Happo Bus Terminal - approximately. 8 min walk from us!

Happo Free Shuttle Bus for Happo-one, Iwatake, & Tsugaike (more details here)
The closest bus stop from Hotel Goryukan:
A) #3 Parking lot -approximately 2 min walk from us!
B) Nakiyama Snowland -approximately 5 min walk from us!

ABLE Hakuba GORYU, 47 Winter Sports Park & Iimori (more details here)
Route 13: The bus comes at the hotel's main entrance side (departure time: 8am, 9am, 10am, & 12:30pm)

■Rental Shops
We have a wide variety of rental shops in the area depending on your needs. The closest one to us is Spicy Rentals (Happo) which is only a 3 min walk. But other options include Rhythm, Central Snow Sports, and Woody’s. You can read more about rentals here or on any of their websites.

■Ski & Snowboard Lessons
Lessons at Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort

■Night Transportation
Hakuba Night Demand Taxi for free! (More details here)
Business hours: 5pm to 10pm everyday until February 28, 2023
Our closest stop is at #8 Happo Alps Open Space -approximately 3 min walk from us!

We will update here when we have more & latest information with us! If you have any questions, please let us know from Inquiry.

-Thank you 🙂